Kay-Ellen Murphy Award

In recognition of the qualities exemplified by
beloved BP founding member
Kay-Ellen Murphy

Jenn Friedman, Poonam Mehta, Lisa Rich, Jessey Laba

Kay-Ellen Murphy
The Wizard of Oz

Kay-Ellen was the heart and soul of Bloomfield Players. She always saw the good in everyone she met and passionately believed in the magic of the theater. We marveled at her tireless energy, her selflessness, her diversity of talents and her ability to brighten the room and the mood of those around her whenever she was there. She truly and deeply did all she did because she loved the people of Bloomfield Players and wanted them to succeed. And she went about it all with genuine passion, compassion, humor and humility.

If the wealth of life is measured in the number of lives you touch and the time and energy that you give to others, Kay-Ellen was the richest soul that we ever had the honor of knowing.

Past Winners:

  • 2010 Anything Goes STACEY SMITH
  • 2012 Oliver! JACQUI, JANE & FRED FOREMAN
  • 2013 Oklahoma! JESSEY & SANDY LABA
  • 2014 Fiddler on the Roof DENNIS MOYLAN
  • 2015 The Music Man JOYCE BREITMAN
  • 2016 The Addams Family KEVIN MERLO
  • 2017 Beauty and the Beast SANDI KRUPA
  • 2018 Roald Dahl's Willy Wonda TYLER RICHMOND
  • 2019 The Little Mermaid LUCY KNAS