About Us…

Bloomfield Players began as a program in the Bloomfield Hills School District's Recreation Department. Today BP is an independent nonprofit corporation and a section 501(c)(3) public charity under the Internal Revenue Code. We receive no funding from the school district, and in fact pay the district for the use of its theater and for other services. All administrative personnel are unpaid volunteers, including the board of directors and all officers.

Our Purpose & Mission:

The purpose of the Bloomfield Players is to showcase local talent, to nurture our youth, to provide opportunities for self-expression, to build self-esteem, to cultivate strong relationships, to pursue excellence, to delight our audiences through theater and to have fun! Our mission is:

  • To produce a wide range of high quality, family friendly theatrical productions.
  • To provide a learning and skill-building environment for our volunteers in all aspects of theater production and management.
  • To offer challenging, rewarding and highly satisfying theatrical experiences for children, youth, adults and seniors.
  • To celebrate the achievements of our volunteers and staff members.
  • To join with other community theaters in the area for mutual collaboration and support.
  • To develop business acumen to ensure the efficient running and financial viability of the organization.
  • To exemplify professionalism and teamwork in everything we do.